AWS Batch and Docker Containers

AWS Batch Ecosystem.


AWS Batch

The Batch Application

Docker build.
Docker deploy to AWS ECS.

The AWS Batch CloudFormation Stack

AWS CloudFormation snippet for AWS Batch.
  • The Docker repository (AWS ECR). This is the service that hosts your business logic baked as a Docker image. AWS Batch Computing environment needs to be glued to the repository so that it knows where to get the computing resources for the task.
  • Some IAM Roles and Policies. You need to define for all computing resources the policies so that they are able to utilize other AWS services and your AWS entities hosted by those services to do the actual job (e.g. to store the final reports to S3).
  • Job Queue. This is the queue you send your jobs to be processed. AWS Batch automatically assigns needed resources for the job once it is delivered to the Job queue.
  • Job Definition. Here you actually tell AWS Batch Computing environment the Docker image you want to use as a computing resource, what environment variables you want to inject to the Docker container once it is up etc.

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Kari Marttila

I’m a Software architect and developer. Currently implementing systems on AWS / GCP / Azure / Docker / Kubernetes using Java, Python, Go and Clojure.