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Clojure Re-Frame Exercise in IntelliJ IDEA / Cursive IDE.


I created a simple frontend for my SimpleServer exercise a couple of years ago: SimpleFrontend. In that exercise I used Reagent library which is a minimalistic React wrapper for ClojureScript — I have documented the exercise in Become a Full Stack Developer with Clojure and ClojureScript! blog post. At my company, Metosin, we also use quite a lot another ClojureScript framework that provides some additional utilities like state management — Re-Frame. In this blog post I describe my recent Clojure exercise when I re-implemented the SimpleFrontend using Re-Frame.

The exercise can be found in my Clojure repo in directory re-frame.

What is ClojureScript?

I wrote this frontend exercise using ClojureScript.


Kari Marttila

I’m a Software architect and developer. Currently implementing systems on AWS / GCP / Azure / Docker / Kubernetes using Java, Python, Go and Clojure.

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