Jun 24, 2021

A screenshot of one of my personal cloud projects.


In my previous corporation, an Azure guy once told me: “It is not possible to be an expert in more than one cloud. If you want to be an expert in Azure you have to focus on Azure.”

The workloads in the GKE cluster.


I have earlier used Terraform to create Kubernetes in AWS EKS (Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service) and Azure AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and therefore I wanted to create Kubernetes also in the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) to have some perspective on how different the Kubernetes infrastructure is to create in these…

IntelliJ IDEA + Cursive: scratch files.


I have been working at Metosin for some months now and I’m learning new Clojure tricks almost every day. I list here some of my favorite Clojure tricks that I have learned either from various Clojure presentations or at Metosin. I know that for a newcomer Clojure might be a…

Kari Marttila

I’m a Software architect and developer. Currently implementing systems on AWS / GCP / Azure / Docker / Kubernetes using Java, Python, Go and Clojure.

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